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I love New John. Not as much as proper John, obviously; but I think he's great, and I've loved his time on the show. His story lately, however, seems to be going nowhere, and I'm getting bored. So I've decided to write my own storylines. I'm not sure why, but at some point over the summer I started to get bombarded with plot bunnies, and the little sods wouldn't shut up - so I thought I might as well try writing some of them down. And here we are, in The Days Paralleloverse. As the name suggests, this is something to run parallel to the show, unaffected by anything that goes on in it. Old John is back (an explanation (of sorts) for which will be forthcoming). It can be set any time you want it to be set, and since there's no pictures, you see what you want to see. So the characters are whatever age you want, and Roman's got whichever head you prefer. Also, this is the universe where the vets rule. There are no newbies here, although EJ will be dropping by from time to time. In the Paralleloverse every storyline has the older characters at its centre. My default setting for Days is the nineties, when every major storyline seemed to involve John and Marlena, and usually Stefano as well.

I think that's about it. Oh - I'm British. I know, I know, but I can't help it! I try to be careful, but if half the residents of Salem suddenly start speaking in British English, I'm sorry. Just assume that they've been spending too much time around EJ, and he's started to rub off. ;) I'm always open to correction.

Onward and upward, then. You know, TV says that caring about Days Of Our Lives is the first sign of sadness, so goodness only knows what writing about it means. But here we go...


Update: I got really annoyed when TPTB killed off Nicole's baby, and in a fit of pique I resurrected Zack. He's unlikely to appear much, so it's probably neither here nor there, but I was cross. And it sucked that they killed him anyway. Nicole didn't miscarry here, btw.

Oh, and I also brought back Eliana to look after the DiMansion. I couldn't remember why she left, so if I've inadvertently resurrected her too, sorry, and whoops. But I like her, and I can't remember the name of the current maid...


Index of storylines

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    "So." Stretching out slightly on the bed, quite impressed at how well they had both managed to fit into it, John rested his head against Marlena's.…

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